Chris Lawrence

Thank you for stopping by. Please take a moment to look through the following pages. They represent much of my latest work. Feel free to comment, critique or ask any questions you may have. A link to my e-mail address is there on the left, or if you'd prefer, you can contact me through ICQ (fotoguy, ID# 13023909), MSN (, Yahoo (clics), or AOL (CLICSPhoto).

All commercial photography is quoted on a case by case basis. Model development and portfolios shoots are priced below.

General Rates and Policies for Portfolio Shoots

We shoot with a high-end digital camera, these days, which makes very nice 9"x12" (or larger) pictures, unless the shoot requires film for some reason. When we are shooting digital, we define a roll-equivalent ("roll") as being 50 shots. If desired we can shoot 35-mm film instead of digital; in that case a "roll" is 36 exposures and a $25 per roll surcharge is added to all prices below.

We do model photography, in the style(s) that you and we agree are most suited to your intended market, at the following rates:

Basic Session: Up to 5 "rolls" (250 shots, digitally), and a variety of poses, outfits, backgrounds and styles. The specifics of each shoot will be determined by agreement with the model, depending on her interests and our evaluation.

For the basic session we will deliver one index print of each good shot (film) if desired, or a disc of web-ready jpegs of each good shot (digital) and 5 custom prints (any size up to 9x12 inches), plus high resolution digital copies of those images prepared for print use for the model's self-promotion.

Please note that we do edit the pictures we give to you; under no circumstances will we release pictures to you that we feel are of less than fully professional quality. Pictures of such problems as closed eyes, unflattering expressions or other things that may make the picture unacceptable will be culled from what you are shown.

Our charge for the Basic Session is $500.00 plus applicable sales tax. Services of a makeup artist, or costs of long-distance travel, wardrobe, stylists or extraordinary props required, if any, will be extra. All such additional costs will be discussed and agreed to prior to the shoot.

Additional Pictures: If desired by the model, we will shoot additional pictures at a rate of $100.00 per "roll". This includes one print (and digital image) per "roll" or those pictures on a CD-ROM as high-resolution digital images so you can design and print your own promotional materials.

Additional prints are available at $20.00 each in any size up to 9x12 inches. Larger sizes (up to 12x18) are also available at a greater charge.

On request we will give you a "promotional release" (limited waiver of copyright) for all photos, which allows the model to use the pictures taken for any self-promotional purpose. We also require that the model sign a full release for us to be able to use the pictures. ** Please note that we will retain all original negatives, if any, original digital image files and copyrights of all images unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

** We will shoot models that do not wish to sign a release for us. However the rates shown above are doubled in that event.