3 Things You Didn’t Know Could Cause Damage to Your Roof

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Not all people will care about this but this is an important thing that all homeowners need to know: your roof is one of the essential structures you need to maintain and take care of. It is the very thing that stands between the elements and the interior of your house, and it houses everything underneath including you and your family members.

Maintaining your roof is important to make it long-lasting and preventing damages as well as serious problems that need costly repairs and replacement. Although some of the common damage factors include hail, high winds, and extreme heat from the sun, there are also common factors that you might not think contribute to a failing roof. In this article, we will share with you the three common things that you did not know cause problems on your roofing system. When problems arise, it is essential to call and contact roofing companies near me for professional repair and diagnosis.

1.Accumulated debris and leaves

A fallen branch can cause a lot of problems to or roof, and this worsens when they accumulate causing blockages and decay. Leaves, twigs, and other organic materials that are on your roof can decay naturally and this produces moisture on the roof. This moisture is a very ideal breeding ground for bacterial and molds. When this happens, the natural wear and tear that is supposed to happen several years would otherwise happen soon because of the faster deterioration of the roofing materials. It is important that you immediately clear off the debris you have in your roof. Also, do not forget to trim your trees near your house as regularly as possible.

Fall and spring are the ideal seasons to call your roofing service and do an inspection as well as cleaning as these are the time that leaves fall in a tremendous amount.

2.Be wary of wildlife

Animals are adorable. However, they can also cause some damages to your house structure especially to your roof. There are several critters that prefer your roof to be an easy access point to your house. These include birds, rodents, and even other larger animals. Rodents can chew shingles while birds can also rot your roof through their decaying nests. Remove them as soon as possible and put them in a safer place. Call a professional to do this.

3. Check your gutter

Your gutter is an essential part of your roof protection as it guides the water to its rightful place on the ground, avoiding pooling on the roof during rainfall. When you have a damaged or a clogged gutter, there is a high chance of water leaks that can lead to several damages and issues like problems in insulation, molds, and damage in foundation. When this happens, contact your professional gutter or roofing cleaners to clean and/or repair your gutter immediately.

Key Points

We mentioned how important your roof can be when it comes to the protection and safety of the elements beneath it. We also highlight the three important factors that contribute to damages that you would not think important and crucial. We do hope we have given you some important knowledge you can apply on your roofing maintenance. Share the post with your family and friends!

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