Do You Need a Permit for Your Kitchen Renovation?

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Obtaining permits is one of the most vital steps of a kitchen renovation. However, it is often neglected. It can sometimes be frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive. However, it’s required and necessary for a lot of house remodeling projects.

On a couple of occasions, homeowners ask if they require permits for a kitchen cosmetic upgrade or remodel. Well, the simple answer is yes. Without a doubt, a professional contractor will know what needed permits will be required. A lot of permits will probably be issued right away. This depends on the scale of your Kanata kitchen renovation project. On the other hand, some might need an inspection of plans.

Building Permit

You will probably require a building permit if your kitchen project requires other permits. A building permit that you have to acquire at the start of a big kitchen renovation project includes major construction work. This includes getting rid of old flooring, tile, or fixtures, opening up walls, and much more.

Electrical Permit

You will need this permit if you connect, extend, change, or install electrical wiring to any electrical equipment. You do not have to get this permit if you will just replace damaged or broken light switches, light fixtures, and electrical outlets. You should remember that a grounded outlet can’t be installed in an ungrounded box. If you want to install a grounded outlet for the safety of your family, you should hire a professional electrician.

Plumbing Permit

Oftentimes, this permit is considered as a bother and one more hassle that slows down your progress. You will probably be able to not get this permit if you’re just upgrading your dishwasher and faucet.

On the other hand, you might have to get a permit if your renovation project requires a huge rebuild to your kitchen. Any construction project that would change the old layout of your kitchen will require a plumbing permit to prevent getting fined. This includes adding a dishwasher, installing new plumbing, moving a sink, and much more. Switching from galvanized pipes to PEX or copper is another project that may force you to acquire a plumbing permit. You might also have to get one if you’ve got to make improvements to the plumbing behind your walls.

When Will You Not Need a Permit

Small modifications or repairs that cost less than $5,000 will not require permits. However, the $5,000 limit varies on the fair market value of parts and labors, regardless of whether or not your kitchen renovation project is a DIY.

Miscellaneous kitchen project doesn’t entail the need for permits. This includes:

  • Comparative replacement of decayed structural components or limited repair of pendant lights, countertops, faucet, sink, or cabinets.
  • Finishing a surface over the existing ceiling or wall.
  • Installing kitchen cabinets
  • Re-pointing a chimney

If you will perform a complete renovation of your kitchen, you will definitely need a permit. Aside from that, you’ll also need an inspection. Fortunately, a contractor should be able to help you get the required permits. It should be included in their services.

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