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Spray Foam Insulation: The Right Insulation for Your Crawl Space

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Insulation has Been known for its ability to regulate the temperature in a home properly. It is designed to block any present drafts in a home while ensuring that any cooled air or heated air is kept inside your home for your comfort. However, insulation varies just like any other thing in the world and the different variations also correlates with its ability to provide the optimum or amateur insulation.

Spray foam Ottawa has been known for providing homes optimum insulation solutions through the use of spray foam insulation.

So why use spray foam insulation even in the crawl spaces in your homes?

Sometimes crawl spaces are often I insulated through the use of fiberglass. This is often done to ensure that no sound is heard in these areas. However, through many uses of fiberglass installed as insulation for crawl spaces, the goal was not proven beneficial. It has been proven to not provide any insulation in the area and therefore provides a waste for every homeowner’s investment.

Fiberglass has also shown to be absorbent of any water it comes contact with. This is very disadvantageous specially to the homeowners who have wooden floorings. The moisture then spreads and is therefore distributed in your whole home structure leading to aggravated issues related to moisture. More than that, due to the characteristic of a fiberglass to absorb any water it comes contact with, it becomes heavy and can become a hazard in your home.

Due to the issues involving moisture, pest infestation and even mold growth problems can also arise. Wooden floorings in your home may also be subjected to premature rotting and will lead to a lot of expenses or maintenance and repair concerns in the coming days, months or years.

The solution has been known as spray foam insulation. The foam that has been formed that provides the insulation has been known to be a chemical reaction from the two components that the spray is composed of. The expansion of the foam provides a better sealing effect leading to sealing even the tiniest nooks in your home. After the expansion, the foam will proceed to drying and hardening. This may be heavy to look at however spray foam has been known for its lightweight characteristics.

Spray foam insulation has also been owned for its flexibility in use. For insulation purposes alone, it is well used in walls, ceilings and even on a home’s roofing system. This is also used in basements and even joints that may be subjected to exit points of any possible leakage. The crawl spaces in the vent of your home can also be a good place to apply spray foam insulation.

If ever you are thinking twice on getting spray foam insulation for the insulation need in your home, you can simply check the website provided for more details on spray foam insulation. Invest today and observe the benefits everyone talks about when it comes to investing in spray foam insulation!

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